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Greetings Fellow Poker Players!
If someone ever describes you as manic, they mean that you do things extremely quickly and energetically, often because they feel that you are excessively excited and anxious about something. And if you're a manic poker player just like us, who can't stop playing poker and purchasing more and more poker products, we welcome you and crazily thank you for visiting The Poker Manic Store!! Because in Poker Manic website, you can find an array of interesting Poker Chips, Cards, Interesting Novelties and many many more!! We are pretty much excited to establish this website for your convenience in doing virtual shopping online!
Poker Manic has been established since 2005 and being poker players and magicians ourselves, we understood how it felt like to purchase costly marked up poker items from many retail stores. Thus, we would want to provide poker products sold to you at very reasonable prices, affordable for almost everyone. So feel free to browse throughout store and happy shopping at POKER MANIC and have a magical day ahead!!

Our Vision: To be Asia's Leading Online Retailer in Poker and Novelties.

Enjoy Hassle Free Online Shopping Experience with POKER MANIC!
Shopping has to be convenient and easy, so why not skip the queues in the malls, select a payment method you are comfortable with and relax while we get your purchase to you! Shipping is free for local (Singapore) when your orders are more than SGD 60.00. Buying your favorite game set is simple and secure at our online store! Shopping online has never been easier!

* One of Poker Manic's product (Novelty Bill: US$1 Million Dollars) was posted in STOMP and attracted thousands of viewers within a couple of days. We were proud to be interviewed by news reporters and our interview was even published in myPaper newspaper!
* Automatic Card Shuffle hit the " Men's top 8 most unique gift for Valentine's Day" in Urban Straits Times newspaper!!
* "The Duke" 14g Casino Style Poker Chips were also featured on Singapore TV Channel U during the Chinese New Year 2010 Season!
* Backwards Clock was selected and specially featured in Decorations magazine - Issue 77 for the coolest designs of clocks in Singapore!
*Our magic products were voted and featured in iWeekly Magazine for one of the MORE unique abd interesting stores to visit to get your magic gadgets and  Bicycle decks!
*Dice Bell Combo set was actually featured in the Singapore's 'The Ghost Must be Crazy' Mandarin Movie (2011) directed by Mark Lee & Boris Boo!
*Our limited edition collectible playing cards are featured in X'mas Vanities Guide section, Cleo Magazine Dec 2013 Issue!

We have established ourselves since 2005 and NOW we are fully based online for your convenience in e-shopping!
For large sized poker tables interest, you check out our largest Poker Manic Showroom Warehouse for viewing of poker tables and equipment (Email in or call for appointment only)
Please keep your support going for us!
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