500 14g Tri colour AceKing Mahogany

500 14g Tri colour AceKing Mahogany

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This Exclusive set contains:

Mahogany Poker Chip Case - Holds 500 Chips w/ Brass Handles and Key

1 Dealer Button for Texas Hold'em Game

5 Casino Style Red Dice

2 Decks of STREAMLINE Playing Cards (Made in Spain)

Empty compartment for extra 1 deck of cards

For ready & available chips which are in FIXED in combinations as follow:

14Gram WHITE  - 150 Pcs

14Gram RED  - 150 Pcs

14Gram BLUE - 100 Pcs

14Gram GREEN  - 50 Pcs

14Gram BLACK - 50 Pcs

If the pre-made sets are out of stock, we will backorder the product for you.

Poker Chip Colour Denomination quantities are also available for change upon request , the delivery time takes 1-3 weeks.

The Full Colour Denominations are as follow:










For pre-selected colours of your choice, the Estimated Delivery Time within Singapore: 1-3 weeks. If it is out of stock, we will backorder the product for you.

These Tri-Colour Suit Design Chips are the latest edition to our Poker Chip Collection. Few chips on the market today can boast 3 colors and we are proud to offer these colourful and one-of-a-kind chips.

With card suits decorating the outer rim of the chip in either black or white, these chips are available in your choice of 5 different colour combinations.

These 39 mm diameter casino sized chips are 14 grams in weight. They are produced from a composite resin and an insert that gives them the weight feel of a heavy casino quality chip. 

The detail on these chips is flawless and their unique design makes them great for casinos and homestyle play alike.

© Copyright 2004 All Rights Reserved

These poker chips are copyright protected and registered with the U.S. Copyright office and are only available through authorized dealers only!

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