Spearz 100% Plastic Playing Cards (Gold)

Spearz 100% Plastic Playing Cards (Gold)

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The MOST Powerful Plastic Playing Cards has finally been created – SPEARZ™ (Golden Edition)

Spearz™ – The 100% Plastic Playing Cards with a Synonymous Thicker & Smoother Feel to it.

Spearz is the Brand New Breed of Weaponry Plastic Playing Cards that is specially made from Polyvinyl Chloride using the latest innovations and designs from Singapore to give you the best ever handling and playing card experience.

Spearz plastic cards are geared to be resistant to bending and tearing so that they last longer than any other regular paper cards you can ever find in the market.

Every deck comes with specially designed reigning court cards of Jack, Queen and King and a  ‘Dominatus Intus’ Ace of Spades which is a secret agendum to dominate every game within your hands.

Each Poker Size card is not only specially made thicker and tougher but it is also machined smoother to ensure effortless shuffling.

Spearz deck comes with 52 Regular Index cards with 2 Spear Guarded Jokers and is printed with an extra touch of luxurious Metallic Gold Ink, giving the deck a medieval and lucullan look.

Enjoy the triumph when you play with Spearz™ Plastic Playing Cards!

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