200Pcs STAKES CLAY Poker Chips Set

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So are you All in for STAKES™ Poker Chips ?

This Exclusive STAKES™  Poker Chip Set features 200Pcs Unique 6 Stripes Edge Spot Design chips. These chips are made of CLAY composite, each weighing 14 Grams, giving them the HEAVY FEEL and authentic weight of actual casino poker chips - The best design and quality of chips in the industry.

Each chip comes with a Front Face featuring the Phenomenal 'Popped Up Graphics' of STAKES™ and a Back Face guarded by the most powerful legendary creatures of all time - The Ancient Chinese Dragon (Symbolising Auspicious Power and Wealth).

Each sleek design is printed on permanent laminated labels which are mild scratch and moisture resistant, ensuring years of fun and long hours of play.

Your chips will be encased in a Heavy Duty, 'Super Small and Handy' Aluminium case with carrying handle!  It is further reinforced with Black Laminated Vinyl surfaces, with the STAKES™ logo printed directly on the top of the case! 

The interior is protected with black felt to hold the 200 poker chips. Additionally, the inside cover of the case is silk-screened with a commemorative STAKES™ logo.

Each Chip Set comes with:

  • 75 Pcs 14g White Chips
  • 50 Pcs 14g Red Chips
  • 50 Pcs 14g Green Chips
  • 25 Pcs 14g Blue Chips

Comes with full colour printed STAKES™ Gift Box - great for someone special!

STAKES™ - Designed for the Winners.

Poker Manic Copyright © 2010 of STAKES™ and other Respective designs. All Rights Reserved.

Estimated Delivery Time within Singapore: 1-2 working days. If it is out of stock, we will backorder the product for you.

* Local and overseas wholesale dealership of STAKES chips are welcomed! Please contact us for more information.

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