Ace King Suited 500 Pcs 11.5g Composite Resin Chips - Wood

Ace King Suited 500 Pcs 11.5g Composite Resin Chips - Wood

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Ace King Suited Design 500 Pcs 11.5g Composite Resin Chips - Mahogany Wood Case

Ace/King Suited Design Chips are the latest addition to our vast Poker Chip Collection.

These chips can be hot-stamped, ready to meet your specific demands for denomination impressions. (Please contact us for more information regarding additional hotstamping pricings and perferred denominations)

With the 4 highest cards embedded in the chip's outer rim, these chips are available in your choice of 7 different colours. White, Red, Green, Blue, Black, Purple and Yellow.

Aces and Kings (known as "Big Slick" in Texas Hold 'Em Poker) also alternate around the chip, adding to its decorative flair.

These 39 mm diameter casino sized chips are 11.5 grams in weight. They are produced from a composite resin and an insert that gives them the weight feel of a heavy casino quality chip. 

The detail on these chips is flawless and their unique design makes them great for casinos and homestyle play alike.

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What makes this set the best in the country, is the rich mahogany case that holds the chips.

This beautiful dark mahogany poker chip case is one of the finest cases we have ever sold. At first glance it may resemble a fine cigar humidor. It is a deep reddish brown mahogany and is very solid. Made of 1/2 inch pieces of solid mahogany wood, this case is as solid as could be. The finish on this case is a smooth polished laquered finish. The tray inside is removeable revealing a bottom layer that holds chips and playing cards. The woodwork on the inside and outside is as fine as any piece of furniture in your house.

The hardware on this case is solid brass. There are 2 well built handles that are very strong and artistic in design. The best feature of all on this case is the key lock to keep your poker chips secured. The key itself is artistic and also fits in with the decor. It is an old style key made from solid brass with a tassle hanging from it. This is a collector's item as well as a fully functional chip case for the person who appreciates the finer things in life.

The top rack in this case comfortably holds 300 chips as the bottom rack holds 200 chips for a total chip capacity of 500 chips. Also on the bottom there is enough space for 3 decks of cards. The case is 12 3/4 inches by 9 3/16 inches and stands 5 inches high when in the closed position.

This set includes:

Deluxe Mahogany Wood Poker Chip Case - Holds 500 Chips

 Brass handles and key

Dealer Button for Texas Hold'em Game 

2 Decks of Streamline Playing Cards (Made in Spain)

Empty compartment for extra 1 deck of cards

Ace King Suited Design Poker Chips:

WHITE  Chip- 150 Chips

RED Chip - 150 Chips

GREEN  - 100 Chips

BLUE Chip - 100 Chips

We also have BLACK, PURPLE and YELLOW Colour Chips available.

(Please let us your preferred demoninations if you wish to modify our pre-set quanities. The colour and quantity of chips shown are the most popular and have been pre-selected for you, however, you can make changes per your requirements. )

Estimated Delivery Time within Singapore: 1-4 weeks. If it is out of stock, we will backorder the product for you.

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